The world’s experts in enterprise are also our partners.

Make the most of CiemTech by working with our partners on mobile strategy consulting, app development, back-end system integration, and corporate networking.

Tek-Home provides environment friendly technology, and green energy for CiemTech products.

CiemTech and Tek-Home are creating the best experience using environment friendly reused devices on CiemTech networks. With the supplement of green energy and the latest technology from CiemTech, businesses everywhere can seamlessly connect to CiemTech Platform, optimize the performance of business-critical apps, and collaborate with voice and video — all with the security that businesses need as fast like other companies but with green energy.

95%of devices are running on green energy.

Rüsselbæk Design creates graphic design solutions to transform how businesses work.

Rüsselbæk Design is combining its creativity and innovative way in digital transformation with the power, simplicity, and technology of CiemTech to help businesses unlock new revenue streams, improve customer experience, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Rüsselbæk Design has created a dedicated CiemTech practice within select CiemTech Platform where experts from CiemTech will be colocated. Working together, the team will help enterprise clients transform how they engage with customers using CiemTech Platform.

76%of our orders is made by Rüsselbæk Design.

Maximize workflow with Tobias’s marketing expertise.

Tobias from Denmark is a new dedicated CiemTech practice with over 5000 consultants. As the leader in digital transformation strategy, Tobias helps businesses maximize the power of the CiemTech platform by providing leading technology for virtual solutions which help business workflow and future opportunities and development.

Tobias has developed over5,000virtual business solutions which runs over than 75 custom platform with its own unique security algorithms.

Stripe is building virtual integration with CiemTech.

CiemTech and Stripe are working together to increase efficiency and optimize workflows across a wide range of virtual solutions that will make it easier to the end-user. Using Stripe technology, CiemTech developers can build custom, native solutions that give our business more insight and visibility into the performance of their assets and operations, all with a simple, intuitive user experience.

100,000+connected business on Stripe application platform designed for business workflow.

Paylike powers new wave of dynamic to wide range of businesses.

Paylike is a cheap but also a powerful enterprise solutions. CiemTech and Paylike are working together to increase efficiency to transform other businesses most efficient, cheap with powerful enterprise solution. Tobias for development and the Paylike Platform, customers can everywhere combine its businesses with low cost setup same as larger enterprise companies.

100+of our customers is driven by Paylike with CiemTech Platform.

PayPal is large payment solution known all over the world.

CiemTech and PayPal are partnering to transform how businesses engage with customers by combining the world’s no. 1 international advanced payment operating system for business. A redesigned PayPal app optimized for iOS and Android will offer millions of PayPal customers and CiemTech rich native experiences that can take full advantage of PayPal technologies that makes everything seamlessly and cheap for all.

2trillionannual transactions on PayPal.