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1. You will get access to Google Analytics and on their mobile app. This helps you to see where your visitors come from eg Facebook, Instagram and what devices they use as well and what age group etc.

2. Google My Business, this gives you a location on Google Maps. You get access to write business hours on Google, receive Google Reviews.

3. Making your page visible on Google Search Engine.

4. Making your page visible on Bing Search Engine.

5. Making your page visible on Yahoo Search Engine.

6. You get access to an SEO tool on your website so you can type in what search words you want to be found on, your SEO tool will tell you what is missing from your website to make it better search friendly.

7. Redirecting dead urls and fixing unsecure urls.

SEO Basic will not always guarantee you more customers but it will guarantee you more visitors and how to direct them.
CiemTech will not provide you with updates or write SEO words for you then please consider buying a SEO Membership here:


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